What is a Fixed gear bike?

A fixed gear bike is a bike with a fixed sprocket on the rear hub. This means that there is no free pedaling: If the pedals turn the wheels turn, if the pedals stop the bike will stopYou have full control of the speed, your only limit will be the power of your legsThere’s no derailleur, no gearbox, and if you want no brakes.

Maximum efficiency, almost non-existent maintenance, total speed control.

What more could you want?

The flip flop hub allows you to decide how to ride your bike. The hub has a “free” pinion on one side and a “fixed” pinion on the other; By releasing the wheel and rotating it 180 °, you can choose your favorite transmission. 

Simply because it is the perfect urban bike.

On the road it fears no competition.  It is fast, minimal, no useless technology, it has no derailleurs, gearbox or unnecessary wires. 

It is simple and therefore requires minimal maintenance. It is also very light and can be easily transported and stored anywhere: by car, train, metro, at the office or at home.

A skid stop is when your back wheel stays on the ground and skids to a halt. This technique simply consists of getting up on the pedals, moving the center of gravity forward, releasing the weight on the front wheel, and locking the pedals perfectly horizontally with respect to the ground.  In this way the rear wheel will lock, causing the bicycle to slide forward but at a much lower speed than the initial pace. 

To learn this technique a lot of practice must be done. It is suggested to start on grass, and always practice with at least one brake on.

When you ride your bicycle, does it creak in an unpleasant and annoying way? Don’t panic! Just take the bike to any mechanic for an overhaul. This is something you need to do periodically. The noise usually comes from the unlubricated or loose bottom bracket.

After assembling it, take the bike to a trusted mechanic to have it overhauled. The components of the delivered bike are not always tight and lubricated in the right way.

If you are driving the bike in a fixed gear way, the front brake will be enough, since the rear wheel can be stopped using your legs.

On the other hand, if you ride freewheeling, you will also need to set up  the rear brake and drive with both brakes.

When it comes to decide which bike to get, you have the main choices:

To buy from a Marketplace/distributor (websites that offer multiple brands) or to buy from the brand owner. 

Bicycle market places mostly sell non-self produced products. Therefore, they offer the advantage of choosing between multiple brands, however they do not provide after-sales technical assistance: they must follow the rules of the brands owners. 

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