Choose your best Fixie to ride!

Our bikes are design with a flip-flop rear hub that allows you to ride the bike in fixed mode or freewheel.

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Freexed is Creativity, Experience, Passion, Style and Design. Freexed is your Urban Cycling Online Shop.

We specialize in Fixed Gear, Fixie or Single Speed Bikes. Customize your bike between 3 sizes, 3 colors, 2 handlebars, and 2 size rims. Our bikes is settled with a Flip-Flop rear hub that allows you to ride the bike in fixed or freewheel mode.

We put all our creativity effort in order to design what we immagine and dreams. Our goal is to build the ideal Fixed Gear for the daily usage and make any of our customer happy.

The focus is on converting ideas into the bike of your desire.


Freexed is a flame to feed your desire for a change! Let’s turn around towards the cars’ abandonment in our cities.

 We are aware that life’s changes are always difficult to accept, but the challenge  gives to any of us an opportunity to become better people, been happier.


We often find ourselves dealing with a severe lack of infrastructure;

Let’s resist the widespread car policy.

We are more and more to cycle in our streets and are making evident to the world our desire for change! Let’s ride safely and let’s carry on with our urban revolution.



Despite the risks, we are the ones who choose to travel on the road by bike.

We are the resistance for a new road education.

We love the World we live and we want to save the Environment. We are conscious that some of the mobility’s issues in our cities can be solved with the common use of bikes.

During the Lockdown we have experienced our cities without cars, traffic and pollution; we appreciate how beautiful are our streets and our squares.  

By choosing our Urban Bike Enea, we will be part of the solution and return to normal life better than before.


Take a look at our fun stuff: Gadgets, Clothes, Accessories. Click Here.


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